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Why Do We Have Such High Expectations for YOU? Click on the schools flag to check out what their expectations are of YOU as an incomming freshman!



University of Texas Arlington



 Under construction

Link to the Department of Biology

The University of North Texas


  Click on the UNT flag to see what is expected from the Freshmen in the Biology Department!

Many Thanks to Ms Kim Piccolo

Link to The Department of Biological Sciences at UNT!

Texas Woman's University


    These recommendations where identified by Dr. Sandra Westmoreland Ph.D. in a document produced by the College and Career Readiness Initiatives, a program sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.


 Sandra L. Westmoreland, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Box 425799
Denton, Texas 76204-5799
(940) 898-2560

Link to TWU's Biology web site

The University of Texas


Many thanks to Dr. Pratibha Saxena from UT Austin. School of Bioligical Sciences SBS

This is what is expected from an entry level Biology student at UT.

UT School of Biological Sciences

Louisiana State University

 Many thanks to Associate Professor William Wischusen

Program Coordinator,

LBRN 102 Life Sciences Bldg.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

LSU expects this from you!

Rice University

This is a current example of what is expected of you as an in comming Freshman at Rice!


This link will take you to the actual site that Rice students use to work on their reports!




 The Response of the University to our request is ....

"We have NO expectations for our in-coming Freshmen"