Mr. Hoffner's  Classroom

Pantego Christian Academy
2201 Park Row Dr. 
Arlington, Tx 76013 
(817) 460-3315

Laboratory Rules

1. The lab is a place to work and learn. Any misconduct or foolishness will result in dismissal from the activity and possibly the next Lad exercise.

2. Each individual is responsible for the lab and contribute his/her share of the work [pre-lab, lab, post-lab].

3. Labs will not be conducted except under the direct supervision of the instructor or his designee.

4. Make sure you have read the entire lab prior to handling any equipment.

5. Familiarize your self with the MSDS for the current lab activity.

6. Keep your lab area clear of any nonessential lab materials.

7. Throw all solid and liquid waste in the appropriate containers

8. Never return solutions to its original stock container! Do not wash any liquid down the drain!

9. Goggles must be worn during wet lab activity.

10. At the conclusion of the lab, all materials will be cleaned and stored prior to dismissal to the next class. (Remember, the teacher dismisses the class…not the bell)

11. All labs are to be made up in the event of an absence.

12. Broken equipment must be paid for before the student is allowed to continue to the next lab activity!