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Please be advised that this is a working document and sequence of topics will depend on the students performance on the pre-test during the first of school.

Honors Biology
Fall Syllabus

1st Quarter



Flinn Scientific Publication for Lab Safety

  August 15th through October 5th





Chemistry and Biomolecules


Chapter 1: The Science of Life

Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 3: Biochemistry




Chapter 4: Cell Structure and Function

Chapter 5: Homeostasis and cell transport

Chapter 6: Photosynthesis

Chapter 7 and 8: Cellular Respiration

2nd Quarter
October 8th to December 15th

Chapter 9: Fundamentals of Genetics

Chapter 10: DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 12: Inheritance Patterns and Human Genetics

Chapter 13: Gene Technology