Mr. Hoffner's  Classroom

Pantego Christian Academy
2201 Park Row Dr. 
Arlington, Tx 76013 
(817) 460-3315

History in Arlington
2015-present  Pantego Christian Academy

2015-Present AP and Duel Credit Biology 

2015-2018 Physics and Honors Physics

2016-Present Anatomy and Physiology

2016-2017 Environmental Science 

2016-2017 Secondary Teacher of the Year

2017-Present Science Department Chair

2018-Present Pre-AP Biology

2018-Present On-Level Biology

1995 -Retired! (for only 3 days)

1994 - 1995  James Bowie High School


1994- 2002 9th grade Physical Science and Honors Biology I
1996- 2015 - Anatomy and Physiology
1994-1998 Class Sponsor

1998-1999 Radio Shack Tandy Scholars award for Outstanding Teachers
1999- 2007 Academic Decathlon Coach: Top 5 Rank at Regiolals (28 schools) 2002-7: State finalist 2004 - Top 40 high schools 2003- 2007 (2004 ranked 22 out of 250 High schools) Source TEA June 2007

2002- 2015 - Advanced Placement Biology II
2004 Teacher of the Year Bowie High School
2004 Honorable mention Woodrow Counts Secondary
2004 Texas House of Representatives Special Recognition

2005 A.W.A.R.E. Foundation Award High School

2005 State of Texas Governor's Award Outstanding Teacher Recognition AWARE

2006- 2015 - International Baccalaureate Biology Higher Level

2009-2015 National Honor Society Sponsor


1983-1994 Nichols Jr. High School


9th grade Physical Science and Honors Biology I

1985-1994 Science Department Director
1986 Arlington Teacher in Space Representative
1986-87 State Software designer for Texas Learning Technology Group in Physical Science (consortium with Texas A&M and the State School Board Association)
1987 Teacher of the Year Nichols Jr. High
1987 Woodrow Counts Award Teacher of the Year Arlington ISD Secondary Teachers
1988 Association of Texas Professional Educators Teacher of the Year

1987-1994 Guest Lecturer for TLTG and Texas State School Board Association (NSTA and CAST conventions)
1991 Year book Dedication