Mr. Hoffner's  Classroom

Pantego Christian Academy
2201 Park Row Dr. 
Arlington, Tx 76013 
(817) 460-3315

Classroom Rules

1. Follow instructions the first time.

2. Place cell phone in appropriate container (attendance will be taken from the cell phone container) 
3. Be in the room at your lab station when the tardy bell rings.
4. Come to class with all your materials
a. Text book and Lab Book
b. Pencil / pens / color pencils
5. Raise hand for permission to talk.
6. Respect each other and their property.
7. Follow all rules found in the Student code of Conduct

Educational guardian will be contacted should your citizenship grade reaches 75.

School Wide Policy
Chewing gum or other food items 3 pts off citizenship
General misbehavior 3 pts off citizenship
Tardy 3 pts off citizenship
Parent contact will be initiated
Repetitive non-compliance will warrant a trip to your Vice Principle

Severe Clauses (automatic trip to your VP)
1. Willful disrespect to others and/or their property
2. Creating a disruption of the class (Teacher)
3. Refusing to follow instructions
4. Fighting
5. Cursing or writing curse words

Open ended activities [discussions, group work, demonstrations, radio time during labs, open seating at session end, special recognition, coupons for daily work.