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Check here for updates during the summer

Extra credit is available through this web site if completed prior to the beginning of school!

In an effort to keep your skills sharp, I will post a series of 4 quizes this summer for you to take.

Reference Material

I wanted to give you the same opportunity to pick-up the same materials.

The purchase is NOT REQUIRED and I do not want to imply that you must make the purchase! However, not making you aware of the items would be negligent on my part. The following is a list of places you could check for purchase (but is not an exhausted list)

Our Class Text


ISBN-10:  0716776715Life : The Science of Biology by David E. Sadava, Gordon H. Orians, H. Craig Heller, David Hillis and William K. Purves (2006, Hardcover, Revised) Image

ISBN-13: 978-0-7167-7671-0

List price is  $58.00

I have seen the text as low as  $0.75

Study Guide

Cliff Notes

ISBN - 10: 0470097647

ISBN-13: 9780470097649

List price $16.99

I have seen the text as low as $1.46