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AP Biology Fall Syllabus

 Please be advised that this is a working document and sequence of topics will depend on the students performance on the pre-test during the first of school.

1st Quarter

 Proposed Units
 Related Chapters

August 15th


October 5th


Lab Safety

Big Ideas in Science

Molecular Foundation

Importance of Water

Functional Grouping


Chapter 1: Studying Life (also identify the 4 Big Ideas identified by College Board)

Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 2.4: What properties in water make it so important in Biology?

Chapter 3: Macro molecules

Chapter 5: The Dynamic Cell Membrane

Chapter 6: Energy, Enzymes, and Metabolism

2nd Quarter

 Proposed Units
Related Chapters

October 8th


December 14th


Cell Cycle


Cellular Respiration

Chapter 6: An Introduction to Metabolism

Chapter 8: Photosynthesis: Energy from Sunlight

Chapter 7: Pathways that harvest Chemical Energy (Cellular Respiration)